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Three Food Concepts that Conquered Kickstarter

Green Pea Cookie: Three cookie lovers took a recipe originating in Singapore and over the course of 5 months created a recipe with their own twist before launching their Kickstarter campaign. Green Pea Cookie is made from crunchy roasted green peas that offer a combination of a sweet and savory taste. They are 100% vegan and offer gluten-free options for all three of their cookies. Their flavors include original green pea, chocolate-dipped green pea and cranberry green pea. Best thing about them? You can eat up to 6 and only consume 100 calories. Who doesn't love to overindulge just a little bit? Singaporean native Sean Tan, CEO/Co-Founder of Green Pea Cookie became inspired once he saw how quickly his co-workers in California devoured the original green pea cookies he brought over from Singapore. After realizing the potential this treat had he decided to team up with fellow Singaporean friend Fiona Lee and American co-worker Larissa Russell to make Green Pea Cookie come to life! Within 7 hours of launching their Kickstarter they had already met their goal of $5,000. As of today they have exceeded their goal by 397% with more than 25,000 cookies pledged. Maybe green peas aren't so bad after all.

What is small, round, salty, sweet ... and green? That would be the new Green Pea Cookie, a vegan treat based upon a traditional Singaporean cookie.

Three friends — Tan Ying Quan (also known as Sean), Fiona Lee, and Larissa Russell — had the idea of making these cookies here in the Bay Area, after Sean's startup colleagues devoured the green pea cookies his mom sent from Singapore. Lee, also Singaporean, is the baker; Russell is the business whiz. After baking a lot of these tiny treats, the team shared its wares with strangers in Dolores Park and found that people really liked them. Trips to several other cities confirmed that green pea cookies were a hit with hungry and willing tasters.


GreenPea Cookies - Kickstarter fun!

So, what was the verdict? I love these little guys! They are tiny, bright green, and delicious. The very first bite is a bit of a surprise -- I mean, whose taste buds would know what to expect from a green pea cookie? But right away, they won me over. They're a little bit sweet, a little bit salty, a little bit pea-y, and super tasty. I also love their diminutive bite-sized shape. Fun to eat. I find that one or two of these tiny cookies feels like a perfect little treat.